Imagine… supplier enablement and on-boarding with unprecedented speed and point-and-click ease…

Better control, visibility, and improved supplier on-boarding are the driving factors behind CoreXpand's PunchOut Wizard™.

This automated, online vendor catalog solution is perfectly suited for purchasing organizations looking to maximize the spend management advantages of e-Procurement systems.

That's because the PunchOut Wizard™ is not a "one-size-fits-all" tool. It is customized to your exact PunchOut and Hosted Catalog specifications.

Finally… you can eliminate the back and forth hassle of setting up your vendor CIF file spreadsheets correctly.

You can also enjoy complete peace-of-mind, knowing your vendor's PunchOuts are backed by CoreXpand's innovative PunchOutCX technology.

With this remarkable breakthrough, you can now enjoy 100% contract compliance assurance, instant reporting, state-of-the-art functionality, universal supplier on-boarding capability and much more.

Your supplier selects a PunchOut catalog template from the approved options you identify, then customizes it with approved products, prices and other functions according to your business requirements.

CoreXpand generates the PunchOut catalog based on the parameters selected, and connects the new "storefront" to your e-procurement system.

You select and purchase your products from the PunchOut catalog with the safety, convenience, and preferred workflow routings of your e-procurement system.

The PunchOut Wizard™ gives your vendors an easy, step-by-step process for creating PunchOuts and Hosted Catalogs that are automatically built according to your precise requirements, workflow routing, and preferences.

Intuitive, 8-Step process for your vendors

CoreXpand's PunchOut Wizard™ streamlines the on-boarding process, removing the confusion and labor intensive hassles often associated with creating PunchOut catalogs.

This means that vendors of any size or technical ability can now set up a PunchOut that is perfectly compatible with your system.

And with PunchOutCX functionality behind the scenes, vendors can easily manage their catalogs with an intuitive interface, allowing them to quickly adapt when/if your needs change.

CoreXpand's PunchOut Wizard™ also provides clean, easy-to-navigate graphic templates designed with the buyer in mind (vendor's can also upload their own graphic template if you prefer).

8 simple steps, with no IT staff required… supplier onboarding has never been so fast, easy, and affordable.

You'll never again have to worry about technical hassles, labor intensive steps, or time wasted getting vendor catalogs right.

All formatting verified and protocols in place before you receive the files…

Vendors can upload their catalog files at the click of a button.

Catalog data is then checked for proper formatting (based on your file requirements), and passed to your purchasing staff for upload ONLY after the correct file format is verified.

This saves your purchasing staff enormous amounts of time and effort, allowing them to focus on the more important tasks associated with your organizations purchasing needs.

Every step ensures vendor catalogs meet your exact purchasing needs…

Once the catalog is uploaded and the site template has been chosen your CoreXpand's PunchOut Wizard™ also manages the set-up of your vendor's ordering requirements.

Everything, from shipping and taxes to order delivery methods, product category setup (per your preferences of course), and of course, your special product pricing based on your contracts/agreements.

Every detail is handled with lightning fast, intuitive point and click convenience.

Now you can start benefitting from vendor PunchOut catalogs in a fraction of the time it used to take…

Once your vendor completes the simple 8-step process, CoreXpand's PunchOut Wizard™ immediately generates their new PunchOut Catalog site.

This streamlined onboarding process allows you to benefit from vendor PunchOut catalogs in days instead of weeks.

CoreXpand's premier technical staff and PunchOut Specialists then go to work… connecting the vendor catalog to your e-procurement system.

Then, you're given the opportunity to test the site and give final approval before the site is made live in your system.

The end result: buyer friendly environments, streamlined ordering, and enhanced spend management*… what could be better?

Ask about the powerful spend management tools built-in to our proprietary PunchOutCX technology.

Behind the scenes functionality empowers purchasing spend management goals like never before. See your CoreXpand Account Executive for more information.

Universally adaptable vendor catalogs… even for buyers external to your e-procurement system…

The unparalleled adaptability of PunchOutCX technology allows you to provide vendor PunchOut catalogs to any buyer in your organization; even those that are external to your e-procurement system.

Satellite offices, departments, and branches who do not use your purchasing system can still order from the vendor catalogs you've created, and their orders still integrate into the purchasing processes and tracking used by your e-procurement system.

Ask your CoreXpand Account Executive for details and a demonstration.

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