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You may already know that all PunchOut technology providers are NOT created equal. It takes years of experience 'in the trenches' to master the variations and complexities of e-procurement systems.

Here are just a few of the reasons why high profile purchasing and eprocurement professionals trust CoreXpand’s PunchOutCX technology to handle PunchOut catalogs for their suppliers:

  • Level 2 PunchOut Catalogs (current industry best practice standard)
  • Purchase Orders via cXML
  • eInvoicing
  • Experience working with the stringent requirements and quality standards of organizations like Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and several universities nationwide
  • Adaptability to any e-procurement system, including Jaggaer(SciQuest), Ariba, ESM, SAP, Oracle / Peoplesoft and many more.

More reasons you can trust CoreXpand to handle your supplier PunchOut catalogs:


  • Over 15 years delivering eCommerce technology worldwide
  • Thousands of businesses and millions of users have trusted CoreXpand solutions to handle billions of dollars in transactions.
  • We’ve connected supplier punchout catalogs to all types of organizations, from government entities to universities like the Universities of Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more.

Rapid and Seamless Integration with Your System

  • Even when using the same purchasing software (Ariba, Jaggaer(SciQuest), etc.), organizations can have subtle differences in the way their supplier catalogs need to be integrated. CoreXpand excels at rapidly identifying and adapting to these subtleties.
  • With CoreXpand's proprietary technology, we can get your suppliers' punchouts onboard in a fraction of the time it takes other punchout providers.
  • Once we've created our first supplier punchout catalog according to your specifications, you can rest assured that each and every catalog thereafter will continue to adhere to your requirements and preferences, including:
    • Shipping and taxes
    • Order delivery methods
    • Product categories
    • Contract pricing

Stable Supplier Catalogs with Reliable Performance

  • CoreXpand uses secure, stable, and rigorously tested and certified servers to store and manage suppliers' data and catalogs. With 15 years of rock solid performance, you can rest assured your suppliers' catalogs will perform when you need them.
  • Our support team is second to none, including around the clock staff to ensure that unforeseen technical issues are handled immediately and with quick resolution.

Leading Edge Technology

  • CoreXpand not only offers the current industry standard Level-2 PunchOut capability, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry to make sure we're always on top of the latest changes.
  • We're not only on top of current standards, we're constantly innovating. That's why we are the only PunchOut technology provider to offer...

Built-in Protection for Your Organization

  • Proprietary functionality gives you the option to automate supplier catalog audits. You can choose to receive alerts on any or all changes made to catalog items, prices, and more.
  • Save time and money by eliminating expensive third party supplier catalog / data audits, and eliminate out-of-contract purchases forever.

Convenience and Control for You

  • Send a supplier our way for onboarding, and you can safely put it out of your mindWe'll handle all the steps it takes to get your suppliers punchout enabled and get their catalogs onboard your e-procurement system.
  • You have final approval of your suppliers' catalogs. The catalogs are not onboarded until you say so.

Convenience and Control for Your Suppliers

  • Powerful 'back end' administration functions allow your suppliers to manage their catalogs and transactions with point and click ease. 
  • CoreXpand's PunchOutCX platform allows suppliers to make requested changes on the fly and access many levels of reporting if you need more data than your eprocurement system provides.

Empowering More Suppliers = Multiple Benefits for You

  • The fact is, the vast majority of suppliers have technical and financial constraints that don't allow them to offer PunchOut catalogs which can help them better compete with 'the usual suspects'. CoreXpand helps you empower more suppliers thanks to our expertise – and some of the lowest prices in the industry.
  • This allows you to radically increase the number of PunchOut-enabled suppliers, which in turn provides several benefits to your purchasing department:
    • Buyers have more choices. More product styles, more service options, etc.
    • More local suppliers can 'throw their hats in the ring'.
    • You create more opportunity for diversity suppliers. Small, women, and minority owned businesses can now overcome the same constraints faced by other small suppliers.

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