The New Breed of Punchout Connections for e-Procurement Systems

It's become a fact of life; if you want to do business with bigger clients and large buying organizations like government entities, you need to have the technical ability to connect to their procurement systems – like Ariba, Oracle, Jaggaer(SciQuest), PeopleSoft, and more.

But the latest breakthroughs in technology offer more than just a technical solution, they offer 3 distinct advantages that create extreme customer satisfaction. Here's what you should look for when selecting your e-procurement connection provider:


Remember, e-procurement systems are at the heart of buyer activity. That's because, within their system, they can accomplish every task they need to as it relates to their jobs.

So anything that takes them out of their system only creates more work. Sadly, that's what's required to do business with any vendor that's not in their system.

As you can see, when buyers order outside of their e-procurement system, it creates more hassle, and adds more time to their tasks.
So, when faced with two vendors with similar products, which one do you think they'll order from; the 'outsider', or the one that's connected?

This is precisely why more and more companies are not just asking for PunchOut catalogs, they're demanding them. In fact, there are countless stories of businesses losing HUGE contracts because they either couldn't – or even worse, wouldn't – provide these connections. So, by providing your PunchOut Catalog, you're giving your customers exactly what they want; you're making it easy to do business with you.

But what about your convenience? That's important too, right?

Thankfully, there are a few PunchOut connection providers that provide solutions that stand head and shoulders above other options. One such solution is known as A.C.E. (Adaptable Connection E-commerce) Technology™.

Some PunchOut solutions require a lot of time to set up, and heavy interaction with your IT department. If you've got the time (and money) to spend, that may not be a problem.

But why burn up all that time and money if you don't have to?

There's even one company that allows you to put cutting edge technology to work for you using a quick, user-friendly, online "wizard" to create your PunchOut Catalogs.

You just select the e-procurement system you want to connect to, plug in your catalog items and pricing, choose some design elements, and voila… an instant, customized PunchOut Catalog.

But, there's a whole other dimension of convenience that only the latest technology can offer… Adaptability

In today's business climate, you have to be flexible, nimble, and responsive… in a word; adaptable.

New breakthroughs let any authorized user with average computer skills make real-time changes to your PunchOut Catalog using online, secure admin control consoles.

That means you can update products, prices and more – and see them reflected on your site instantly. No more order errors from out of sync catalog items or prices. Nowadays, you can even track sales, run reports, and more within the connection software.

Of course, there's more to being adaptable than changing catalogs.

With the ever changing landscape of technology, new e-procurement systems – and their unique connection protocols – spring up like dandelions everyday.

If you tried to figure out how to connect to all the existing systems, let alone keep up with all the new ones – you'd likely throw your hands up and call it impossible.

But imagine this for a moment:

What if you could create ONE PunchOut Catalog… and then adapt that ONE catalog to ANY situation?

Once again, today's technology provides. Once your products and prices are inside an adaptable framework (such as the ACE Technology described above) you can connect your existing catalog to any e–procurement system, using any protocol, anywhere in the world.

Of course, every customer will have a few different items and prices between them. But with the solutions available today, all you have to do is log on to the secure control console and make your adjustments in minutes.

What you end up with is a truly universal sales tool – capable of connecting your sales to anyone, anywhere.

And adaptability doesn't end there. With some solutions you can accept payments via everything from credit cards to p-cards.

The fact is, if you find the right provider, your PunchOut Catalogs can be adapted to any customer need… even if you need custom functions.


So now, you've made it convenient for them to do business with you, and you've made your offerings as adaptable as they could possibly be.

What else is left?

Well, for maximum customer satisfaction, you want to make it easy and pleasant to do business with you. You probably know that most buyers have particular pressures and stresses to deal with on any given day.

So anybody that helps make their day a little easier, and a little more pleasant, gets remembered when it comes time to order again. It's human nature.

Besides providing great customer service, you can make it a little bit more pleasant to order from you.

How? By personalizing how you present your products and your company when they order.

And thanks to technology developments (ACE,etc.), you can select a customized 'look and feel' to your PunchOut Catalog.

You can even add your own touches to show a little bit of your company's "personality"… creating an even more unique connection with your customer.

In the end, the supplier or vendor that provides the best convenience, adaptability, and personalization… wins.

Discover the latest punchout breakthroughs that allow you to connect to any e-procurement system anywhere


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