PunchOut for Oracle Exchange

Oracle Exchange compatible PunchOut Catalogs - Seamless Integration

Beat your competitors by responding faster and with more flexibility to Oracle Exchange PunchOut Catalog requirements.

We’ll help you satisfy even the most demanding RFQ and e-commerce requirements with the most powerful and adaptable features and functions in the industry...

  • ZERO Transaction Fees! 

    Most (if not all) other PunchOut catalog technology providers charge transaction fees – on top of their other fees. But our philosophy is; we charge a fair price for the best service and support on the market. Why should we also get a piece of your pie?

    Not only that, for the fees we do charge (one-time setup, then a fair monthly hosting and maintenance), we deliver a LOT more than ‘the other guys’. For example…

  • One centralized system. 

    Other PunchOut catalog providers don’t have their own system to host, build and maintain your PunchOut Catalog site.

    This means coordinating and using multiple partners for different things (one to build the site, one to do the eProcurement integration). 

    Obviously, this can lead to troubleshooting and communication nightmares dealing with two different technology entities. PunchOutCX does it all with one system, one support team.

    So, all tech solutions, troubleshooting, and communication are handled by one centralized team of experts on one centralized, stable and secure technology platform.

  • Configurable products.

    Other PunchOut catalog systems are limited in (or incapable of) offering configurable product functions. 

    This can make a huge difference in your sales, as buyers can explore your catalogs’ base products with option choices, as opposed to extrapolated product catalogs. 

    For example, if you have a t-shirt that has 6 sizes and 8 colors; with other providers you’d have to load 48 different products on their system. With PunchOutCX, your PunchOut Catalog can reflect that with just a single product with drop-downs or chart order for each option choice. 

    Your PunchOut Catalog can also include line item set up fees. Other PunchOut catalog providers can’t do that.

  • Bid & RFQ assistance and marketing services. 

    In our world, service isn’t just uploading your data and sending you on your way. We help you land bigger contracts and more deals by setting up demo sites and answering your clients’ RFQ / Bid questions, including technical questions, for free.

    We’ll even demonstrate your PunchOut Catalog with / for you to your clients. But our commitment doesn’t stop there.

    We’ll even train your sales / marketing people on PunchOut Catalog technology and – most importantly – how to use your new PunchOut Catalog capability to land new and bigger customers.

    When appropriate, we’ll even pass leads to them!

  • Proven technology, expertise, and experience. 

    With 15 years in the B2B eCommerce world, serving Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and large educational institutions (let’s not forget the mom and pop shops we’ve helped to thrive), we’re NOT just like the typical tech companies today who claim to be punchout catalog specialists.

    We’ve honed and proven our technology – and our expertise - by connecting suppliers to a vast array of eProcurement systems, including some of the largest and most complex systems in the world.

  • Fully comprehensive eCommerce system. 

    PunchOutCX’ PunchOut Catalog performance was born out of our 15 plus years of B2B eCommerce experience (see above).

    We specialize in stand-alone B2B eCommerce sites that include powerful features and functions perfected from our in-the-trenches experience.

    We offer custom site designs, single sign-on, quoting tools, a custom item designer tool, proof-on-demand, dynamic user groups (function specific logins), eInvoicing, and MUCH more.

    In fact, once your data is uploaded to our platform, you can leverage it and turn it into any kind of B2B eCommerce site you can imagine (private marketplaces, company stores, and much more).

  • Product data import.  

    CoreXpand offers the full range of product data import options: direct to the backend, import spreadsheets, FTP data passing, web services and APIs, or any method that you need. 

    We are one of the few, if not the only, PunchOut Catalog provider that can say that.

  • Universal Punchout Platform.