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“Having that PunchOut catalog gave us the credibility we needed.”
- Dave Heiby,
VP of Sales and Marketing Beltway Supply

Opening New Doors with PunchOut Catalogs

Beltway Supply, a small woman-owned business based in Virginia, was looking to do more business with Federal, State, and Local governments.

Our primary client is the Commonwealth of Virginia, explains Dave Heiby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Beltway. And when calling on clients within the Commonwealth, for years we were told, 'you have to get a PunchOut'. It seemed like a prerequisite of doing business with them.

But as a small business, the idea of incorporating PunchOut technology seemed a bit overwhelming. Even though the government provides information on their site about eVA (the Commonwealth's e-procurement system) and PunchOut catalogs, Dave found that the information was almost impossible to figure out.

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Beltway Supply Logo “Having a flexible e-commerce platform like PunchOut CX allows us to go beyond what other vendors can offer. The fact that there are only 150 vendors out of 50,000 that have a PunchOut tells you something. That [those without PunchOuts] don't see the future; a more controlled environment for procurement”

Dave Heiby,
VP of Sales and Marketing Beltway Supply

Using PunchOut Capabilities to Retain Your Biggest Customers

There are many strategic advantages of ensuring your business is ‘Punchout ready’.

One big advantage, which is vital to any company’s success, is retaining your key customers by implementing PunchOut capabilities in your sales funnels. Such was the case for Homeland Security Corporation (HSC).

HSC is a leading innovator, consultant and implementer of security driven technologies, with over 40 years of experience in the security/surveillance and Process Monitoring industries. For HSC, one of those key customers was Alcoa, the lightweight metals manufacturing giant that pioneered the aluminum industry over 125 years ago.

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Homeland security corporation logo Alcoa logo “It works within their Oracle system [one of many platforms used by corporations for e-procurement] and it makes it fast and easy for an engineer to go to any computer and order something that’s Alcoa approved right there.”

Gary Williams,
Owner, Homeland Security Corporation

“We didn’t realize how many other large corporate environments there were that require this type of PunchOut. So for us, the value there is also that we can now go market our PunchOut capability to other large manufacturers.”
- Gary Williams,
Owner, Homeland Security Corporation