I’ve been given the choice of hosted or punchout catalog. Which is best for me?

From the supplier’s perspective there are very few scenarios where a hosted catalog is the better option.

Hosted Catalogs are:

  1. Plain: There is no possible way to highlight your products or your brand with a hosted catalog. It might as well just be a catalog in the corner.
  2. Cumbersome to maintain: Updating products and pricing require not only your effort, but in some cases your clients’.
  3. One of many: When you provide a hosted catalog your products become part of a larger index of products. When a search is initiated, all of the hosted catalogs are searched.

Punchout is by far the better option. Rather than a static catalog lumped in with all the others, a punchout catalog is an interactive branded webstore, giving you and your team the ability to plant your products and your message directly in your client’s e-procurement backyard. Would you rather have your clients look at printed catalogs or shop an interactive, searchable catalog with images, descriptions, and tools that make it easier to find exactly what they need?

Punchout catalogs also give you and your team the ability to provide special offers, pricing, product availability as well as special quotes and processes. It is also much easier to add and remove products so that your product offering is always up to date.

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